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This week we are delighted to introduce new IFRF members BIE.I. Bioenergie Italia (BIE.I.).  Situated in Liguria, Italy, BIE.I. designs and builds, and in the future will operate biomass-fed combined heat and power and wood pellet production plants.

With their current focus on the biomass available within the Vara Valley, an Italian woodland close to La Spezia where the current state of forest abandon is among the causes of hydrogeological instability and floods, BIE.I. also operates as a general contractor of CHP plants based on biomass-fed boilers and micro steam turbines or ORC modules.  In addition, the company realizes biogas plants, especially fed with farm residuals: in such cases, the produced heat is used within the farm itself.

The options offered by BIE.I. for using the heat produced in plants of their construction, include wood chip driers designed to produce wood pellets.  Alternatively, the company proposes building district heating networks where the location is suitable, and serving a single building or even an entire village or town.

BIE.I is also interested in investing in research activities on biomass conversion, especially as these relate the development and commercial implementation of new technologies.  As such, the organization welcomes the closest possible cooperation with IFRF and its industrial and academic members.

Their main contact person Giorgio Bonvicini, former IFRF investigator, would be happy to receive email enquiries.

LaSpezia BIEI cropped.jpg

Night view of La Spezia, Italy, the home base of BIE.I on the Ligurian coast