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Last week, one of our members – Fives Group – hosted the IFRF Council meeting in Paris, France. The IFRF Council is a collection of National Committee representatives, IFRF Directors and co-opted specialists who meet once or twice a year to review IFRF’s progress and agree the way forward.

At this meeting, we presented the new IFRF communications plan detailing how we are aiming to improve communication and engagement with our members around the world through channels such as social media, webinars and forums. We want you – our members – to work with us to raise awareness and promote key messages for our industries.

The Council was very positive that this was the right direction for the organisation and our members, and approved the new plan with a renewed sense of optimism and energy.

We will also be looking to get out and about meeting members and attending key events across the world – beginning in North America next month and Asia early next year. So, as a member of IFRF, let us know when your events are happening, what your latest news releases are saying and send us your research papers – and we will amplify these to our worldwide network.

As an organisation, IFRF is planning on moving forward and we want all our members to join us in this movement.

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