• IFRF Telephone-Fax Numbers rationalised

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In the ongoing reorganisation of the IFRF, there have been changes in the telephone and telefax numbers.

Anyone wishing to contact the International Flame Research Foundation-IFRF, the IFRF NET Communications Centre or the IFRF Research Station BV should use the following telephone and telefax numbers:

Tel: 31 251 291 600 or 0251 291 600 from within the Netherlands.
Fax: 31 251 291 599 or 0251 291 599 from within the Netherlands.

All previously used telephone/telefax numbers are out of service.

Address for mail, courier or visiting is:
Regionaal Technologie Centrum
Rooswijk 130
NL-1951 MK Velsen-Noord
The Netherlands

The previously used courier/visiting address is out of service. The “PO Box 10000” mailing address will be retained for six months. But do not wait – update your communication database now.

No changes in email addresses – general: info@ifrf.net