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      Giovanni Coraggio

Next week two events supported by the IFRF are going to take place:

On Monday the 17th of October will start in Essen the 6th International Symposium on High Temperature Air Combustion and Gasification, HiTACG6 and it will last until Wednesday 19th. The Symposium will be a great opportunity to update the state of the art of the “High Temperature Air Combustion” technology and to meet qualified participants (well in excess of hundred), coming from many countries (more than 10 nations) and from next door in the “number-1 country” as far as plant / process engineering is concerned.

The Finnish Flame Days 2005 “Challenges in combustion technology” will take place in Borås, Sweden on 18th and 19th October. The meeting will be devoted to research within of combustion related topics for energy generation of interest today. Presented areas will be:

  • High temperature combustion, oxy-fuel combustion, co-combustion, gasification
  • Slagging, fouling and corrosion
  • Defluidisation
  • Modeling of combustion processes
  • Fuel quality and fuel flexibility
  • Emission control

Further information about these events are available at the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events webpage: www.calendar.ifrf.net

We remind you that the registration for both the meeting is still possible.