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Recent research activity in the experimental area has focused mainly on measurement campaigns for various projects.  This article provides an overview of the more important of these.

Innovative H2 gas turbine burners project

This project is funded by the Italian Veneto Region and focuses on researching an innovative gas turbine burner fed with high percentage of H2 up to 100% of the load.  In the most recent campaign, the velocity field of the GE5 burner performances were characterized in terms of flowrates/pressuredrops.   Velocity measurements in isothermal conditions were carried out with the LDV technique.

MNM 7 LDV Measurements.png

Biopower in Tuscany

For Biopower in Tuscany, IFRF’s task was to perform temperature and chemical species measurements inside the combustion chamber of several rigs.  In the last months, four campaigns were carried out at the ENEL “Energy Farm” rig, and the measurements were repeated for different biofuels. The results will be provided to project partners for the validation and verification of the mathemathical models of the rig.

MNM 7 Energy Farm.png

ENDESA injectors performance assessment

During February 2014 the IFRF research team performed some measurements for an internal ENEL contract to assess the performances of some injectors of an ENDESA gas turbine burner.  This work is a continuation of a project started in June 2013 and now at its last stage.  The main task was to assess the influence of water flow on the final granulometry of the fuel.  The granulometry distribution produced by the injector was measured in different conditions in the ISA Spray Test rig.

MNM 7 Granulometry distribution measurements.png

RELCOM isothermal velocity characterization of the FOSPER furnace

Within the RELCOM project (Reliable and Efficient Combustion of Oxygen/Coal/Recycled Flue Gas Mixtures) IFRF performed the characterization of the velocity field produced by the AASB burner in the Fosper Furnace in isothermal conditions.  The velocity was measured with the 5-hole pitot probes.  The results of these measurements will be provided to the RELCOM partners to validate and verify their mathemathical models.

MNM 7 5-hole pitot probe and Aerodynamically Air Staged Burner.png

5-hole pitot probe and Aerodynamically Air-staged Burner