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In line with the IFRF’s policy on providing Members with direct access to research reports for a period of three years after publication, those documents published during 2005 which were previously available from The Current Reports area of the IFRF website have now been moved by rotation to the IFRF archive.  Reports published between January 2006 and December 2008, defined as current, may still be downloaded directly.

The reports affected are still listed on the Current Reports page and include:

  • K70/y/156 – Towards industrial application of high efficiency combustion
  • G23/y/1 – Oxy-Coal combustion with flue gas recycle for the Power Generation Industry
  • F104/y/03 – Combustion of pulverized fuel and alternative fuels in blast furnaces
  • F108/y/3 – Experimental results of the HEC-EEC Furnace and burners firing coke oven gas
  • F98/y/4 – APG 4 – Combustion of pulverised coal in a mixture of oxygen and recycled flue gas
  • G108/y/3 – Non-Isothermal CFD Model of the HEC Furnace and burners (Additional calculations)

Members are reminded that up to 5 reports may be ordered from the IFRF archive free of charge each year with a nominal charge being levied for additional reports.  The archive may be searched online and reports ordered via an organisation’s Main Contact Person.

For additional information, email Tracey Biller here.