• IFRF Report: Fired Equipment Safety in Oil & Gas Industry

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A review of safety design and operation of fired equipment in the oil and gas industry has been published as IFRF report G22/y/1. Based on the output from TOTeM 43 and industry experts input, this report contributes to the new ‘safety’ mission incorporated into IFRF’s statutory objectives.

The report sets out industry views on the triple challenges facing the oil and gas industry as it tries to achieve a high level of safety and availability at a reasonable cost. It will provide a starting point for new IFRF initiatives in training, expanded use of the IFRF’s on-line Combustion Handbook and joint research projects. It will also provide a platform for seeking and informing expert input into the formulation of new or updated safety standards.

Essential reading for all IFRF members operating in, or wishing to get closer to the upstream oil and gas industry, or with an interest in combustion equipment safety.

The report is available for download by IFRF Members at http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/new.html