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A special meeting of the IFRF’s Joint committee was held last week at the offices of IFRF Member Organisation Fives, in Paris. Two Business Plans supporting the relocation of IFRF from Livorno to either Sheffield (UK) or Essen (Germany) were presented by the two prospective candidates for the position of IFRF Director. Philip Sharman presented a Sheffield University Business plan, while Joerg Leicher presented a Business Plan on behalf of GWI.
Both proposed locations and both proposed Directors met with universal approval of the IFRF Joint Committee, which brought together 7 out of 8 National Committee representatives, as well as the Officers and technical advisors (B Members). After a lively debate with JC Members speaking in favour of both Business Plans, a majority decision selected the University of Sheffield and its PACT laboratory as the preferred new location, with Philip Sharman as the incoming Director. At the same time, the GWI proposal offers people and facilities that would be a great asset to IFRF, and IFRF will be working with GWI and Sheffield University to create a strong package of Officers, personnel and facilities to take the IFRF forward.
Outgoing Director Neil Fricker will present further progress with the handover as it occurs during the early part of 2016.