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Today the IFRF introduces their new look on-line journal “Industrial Combustion”.  The change in the title itself reflects the publication’s sharper focus on specific industrial sectors and a renewed thrust towards articles that describe the application of the scientific principles of combustion to industrial processes.  The commitment to clean and efficient fuel conversion remains unchanged.

The creation of the “new” Journal was ratified at the June meeting of the IFRF’s Main Board, the Joint Committee, in Boston and began prior to that date with certain important additions to the Executive team.  Working alongside Editor-in-Chief Pat Hughes are previous IFRF president Mikko Hupa of Åbo Akademi, Finland, who is Chairman of the Editorial Board, Director Leo Tognotti representing IFRF, the Journal’s founding Editor-in-Chief Terry Wall of the University of Newcastle, Australia, and Neil Fricker who coordinates the IFRF’s behind-the-scenes production team.

During the revamp, the editing process has been streamlined and the Editorial Board enlarged to introduce new members.  The role of the Editorial Board has also been reconsidered, and Editorial Board Members will be offered the opportunity to take a more proactive role in identifying and approving papers for Industrial Combustion.  The website itself has also been overhauled to reflect these changes and to improve communications with Journal personnel.  The new journal has been allocated a new ISSN registration, which is shown on the new web page.

One new feature added to the Industrial Combustion web pages is the ability to make an on-line AND/OR search for papers matching readers’ specific needs based the paper titles, keywords, abstracts and authors names.

Readers are invited to view the finished product.  Industrial Combustion looks forward to receiving comments and proposals of papers from its readers and potential authors.