• IFRF ‘regenerates’

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      Neil Fricker


Behind the international face of IFRF, there has always existed a legal framework that is fixed by company regulations in the IFRF’s host country. In the Netherlands, IFRF was a not for profit ‘Stichting’. In Italy, it is currently a not for profit ‘ONLUS’. In the UK, it will become a not for profit ‘company limited by guarantee’.

At it last meeting, the IFRF’s Joint Committee approved the Articles of Association of the new IFRF Ltd. The Objectives of the IFRF remain unchanged apart from the addition of a ‘safety mission’ to the longstanding ‘clean efficient combustion mission’ set over 60 years ago by the far-sighted founders.

Management of the IFRF will by and large remain unchanged with governance in the hands of a Joint Committee of National Flame Research Committee representatives who together with the incoming Director, Philip Sharman, will form the Board of the new IFRF.

Following handover of the IFRF to its new legal entity and new Director, I will remain as Director of the IFRF ONLUS in Italy to initiate the process for its dissolution, with residual assets transfering to the new UK company.