• IFRF Recruits its new team for Livorno

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With the IFRF’s move to Livorno expected at the end of September, the new Italian Foundation is recruiting its Scientific and Administrative teams. In particular, a search is now open for Investigators to form the core of the new International Scientific Team. Investigators are responsible for the planning and execution of the IFRF’s experimental campaigns, including the supervision of the technical teams deployed for the experiments, and the analysis and reporting of the outcome.

Expressions of interest are sought from young PhD’s in a relevant Engineering discipline, preferably with experience relating to combustion, emissions or energy systems. Aspirants should have good written and spoken English, which will be the working language of the IFRF in Italy. In addition to their technical background, candidates for the post of Investigator should have excellent communications skills, and be familiar with the use of modern IT systems.

The positions will be based in the IFRF’s  new offices at Livorno, a Mediterranean port and resort. It is envisaged that successful candidates will be offered a fixed term contract of three years in the first instance.

Those interested are invited to contact the incoming Director of the IFRF in Italy, Professor Leonardo Tognotti of the University of Pisa, sending a short CV and an indication of their availability.  Further details of conditions of employment will be supplied by Professor Tognotti, who may be contacted on tognotti@ing.unipi.it