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IFRF has published a guide to the ENEL and University of Pisa experimental facilities to which its research team has access. 

These facilities are available to us as a result of formal agreements with ENEL and the University of Pisa and enable us to undertake experimental work on semi-industrial and pilot-scale furnaces and reactors.  As well as in-house experimental and modelling research designed to enhance our own data bank and develop methodologies and protocols for use by our Members, IFRF also contracts research for private organisations which require information about fuel and equipment characterization and in-flame measurement.   

The newly published guide offers a comprehensive overview of the 8 rigs available at the ENEL Livorno research facility and those of the University of Pisa at the San Piero Bio-Energy Farm.

The ENEL rigs include:

  • FOSPER Furnace
  • IPFR
  • ISA-Spray Test Rig
  • Burners Aerodynamic Lab
  • SCR-Catalytic Test Rig
  • CASPER-6MWth Boiler
  • TAO-Optical Test Rig for Gas Turbine
  • 500Kwth-Test Furnace

Those at the University of Pisa constitute an integrated unit composed of a bio-ethanol plant, a downdraft fixed bed gasifier and tar cracking unit, and a vegetable oil treatment and trans-esterification plant.

The information will find its way onto the new IFRF website which is under construction.  In the mean time it is available in printed brochure format and copies can be ordered from Tracey Biller.

To enquire about contracting a research project or for information related to the manufacture or testing of measurement instruments contact Giovanni Coraggio

Favourable rates are offered to IFRF Members.