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The process of moving IFRF to UK should complete within a few months including transfer of physical assets to the new organisation.
The probes and analyser used for in-flame measurements are one of the most precious parts of the IFRF hardware assets. They were used in recent years mainly for measurements at the rigs of the ENEL experimental area. Since the new rigs available for IFRF tests at PACT in Sheffield will be smaller than the ones in Livorno, many of the probes may not be used frequently after the move.

These probes are now available for sale at half the new price (plus packing and transport costs). The assets that may be available available include the following items:

  • IFRF suction pyrometers of different sizes for gas temperature measurements
  • Sampling probes for gas and gas & solids sampling
  • Ellipsoidal and total heat flux meters for measurements of respectively radiative and total heat fluxes
  • Water cooled 5-hole pitot tubes (including calibrated probe tips, transducer system, software and dedicated PC) for gas velocity measurements inside combustion chambers
  • FTIR analyser and sampling system for advanced gas composition

Alternatively, if you want a customised probe, IFRF will continue to manufacture and sell new probes for the foreseeable future.
A 20% discount is available for IFRF members.

For further information please contact Giovanni Coraggio at IFRF,  giovanni.coraggio@ifrf.net.

probes tips.jpgIFRF probe tips from L to R: gas sampling, Total Heat flux meter, suction pyrometer, water cooled five hole pitot tubes (pre-calibrated), ellipsoidal radiometer (hemispherical radiation measurement). Solid sampling probes also available (not pictured)

FTIR analyser.jpg

IFRF FTIR analyser

 FTIR sampling box.jpg

 IFRF FTIR sampling system box