• IFRF presents at Coal Research Conference

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Incoming IFRF Director Philip Sharman, former Director Leo Tognotti, Interim Director Neil Fricker and former Investigator Jarek Hercog made four presentations during an IFRF session at the 11th European Conference on Coal Research (11th ECCRIA) held in Sheffield today.

The four presentations were:

  • The IFRF – past, present and future: a review of 70 years of the International Flame Research Foundation as it starts a new phase. Philip Sharman, International Flame Research Foundation, UK
  • Modelling of particle fates in isothermal plug flow reactor, Leonardo Tognotti, International Flame Research Foundation, Italy
  • The IFRF online Solid Fuel Database (SFDB) of combustion characteristics of coals and biomasses, Jaroslaw Hercog, Institute of Power Engineering, Poland
  • An assessment of Fourier transform infra-red analysers for measurements in coal flames, Neil Fricker, International Flame Research Foundation, Italy

Copies of the four presentations are available for download from: