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      Peter Roberts

During the last year we have been working with the French Committee (CF)for Flame Research to develop the cooperation between the IFRF and the CF Members, particularly with respect to the development of the Online Combustion Handbook.

This week we are publishing two Combustion Files, both stemming from this co-operation, and both concerned with Particle Image Velocimetry – PIV.  These are as follows:

CF277 – What is Particle Image Velocimetry? – Open Domain
CF278 – How do I apply Particle Image Velocimetry in industrial flames? – Members’ Domain

Both Combustion Files have been prepared by David Honoré of CNRS – CORIA at the Université de Rouen, France.

Our thanks are due for this co-operation to David, and of course to the two referees involved, namely Jacques Dugué, former investigator at the IFRF Research Station, presently co-operating with Air Liquide, and Bertrand Lecordier, co-worker of David Honoré at Rouen.

It must also be remarked that the contents of these combustion files reflects well the traditional interest of the Foundation in the development of measurement techniques, particularly where they can be applied both in the research laboratory as well as in industrial situations.

The PIV technique relates well to the Laser Sheet Visualisation work undertaken at IJmuiden by Jacques Dugué and his colleagues.  It is very encouraging to note the potential for industrial application as noted in the of the second of these two Combustion Files.

Readers should please note that CF277 is published in the Open Domain, whilst the second file CF278 is available to IFRF Members Only.