• IFRF ONLINE Combustion Handbook 2003

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      Neil Fricker

Achieving useful heat transfer remains, in most cases, the objective of industrial flames.

This week we continue to support the development of this theme within the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook with the publication of three linked Combustion Files relating to the modelling of radiant heat transfer in furnaces.

These have been contributed by Bob Tucker of energy consultancy Zerontec.

They give a concise presentation of these important topics which are described more extensively in the book he co-authored with Jeff Rhine ‘Modelling of Gas-Fired Furnaces and Boilers’ published in 1991 by McGraw Hill, but now, sadly, out of print.

We plan to publish more of this type of material in the IFRF Handbook during 2003. Our thanks are due to Bob for the preparation of these three combustion files.