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Aimed primarily at Marie Curie fellows but open to IFRF Members and representatives from the international combustion community at large, “Clean Industrial Fuel Conversion” will link the IFRF with INECSE (Integrated Energy Conversion for a Sustainable Environment) in a training intervention which promises to bridge research and application around this topical issue. 

The course will combine formal lectures delivered by representatives from the IFRF research and industrial community with an IFRF orientation session and a visit to the Research Station at Livorno.  There will be abundant networking opportunities for both INECSE participants and potential users of their research experience and results.

A full programme will appear shortly on the IFRF Events Calendar along with details of fees and logistics. The preliminary programme features four technology modules, two power generation modules, and five industrial application modules as well as a session on mathematical modelling.


Technology I:
– Energy, present and future
– Resources and fuels: conventional and new fuels 

Technology II:
Fuel conversion
– Combustion (PF, FBC, ..)
– Gasification and pyrolysis; gas turbines

Technology III:
– Environment (local, regional, global)
– Emission components and associated problems
– Regulations, consequences

Technology IV:
– Process control
– Diagnostics
– Measurement and analysis


Power  Generation I:
– Utilities
– Technology development
– Status, operation, problems
– Research

Power Generation II:
– New processes
– Future trends


Oil and gas


Iron and steel

Cement and lime


The Mathematical Modelling session will deal with principles, validation and application.

Overall the course, coordinated by Professor Klaus Hein of the University of Stuttgart,  will provide an overview of the status of technology in development and application, cover associated problems, and invite  feedback to the scientific community for future research topics.

Potential delegates are asked to communicate their interest to tracey.biller@ifrf.net.