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      Peter Roberts

We know that it is important to remind our Member Organisations and their Individual Members of what scientific and technical information has become available to them from time to time.  That is the object of this new report:

IFRF Doc No: K63/y/3: “IFRF NET in 2003-2004”; Executive Summary of the Publications Made by IFRF NET in the Years 2003-2004, Velsen Noord, March 2005, Prepared by Peter Roberts and Giovanni Coraggio

This document can be downloaded from: http://www.ifrf.net/activityreports/k63y3.pdf

To read and archive the reports and articles listed in this document, each should be downloaded from our websites. Therefore all URL/WWW Addresses are properly listed.

In the many instances where information is available only to IFRF Member Organisations, through their registered Individual Members, then those Individual Members will need to authenticate themselves by supplying their User Name and Password. In cases of difficulty, contact us at membership@ifrf.net.

If you have any questions about these services or indeed suggestions as to how they may be improved, please let us know at : info@ifrf.net.

If you are not an Individual Member of IFRF NET, but you find the technical information described in this Executive Summary to be of interest to you or your Company/Institute, go online to: http://www.ifrf.net/ .

Click on “Become a Member” at the Top Right Hand Corner and apply for Membership.  We look forward to being of service to you.