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      Peter Roberts

Today we have published the third of three Final Research Reports associated with the IFRF Members Research Programme – “HTAC – High Temperature Air Combustion – Flameless Combustion: Exploratory Research with a Range of Fuels”. This programme comprised three projects.

Today’s Final Research Report – IFRF Doc. No. F46/y/3 – is concerned with the third of the three projects, namely: “Excess Enthalpy Combustion of Coal”.

The first edition of this report is published on this site in both pdf and html formats. IFRF Individual Members can download this report from http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/document.html?did=14.

This report was originally published by the IFRF Research Station. It is now re-published by the IFRF as a Members Research Programme Report. Therefore, apart from the original sponsors, this Research Report is available only to Individual Members of the IFRF. That is to say, representatives of Member Organisations of the IFRF registered as Individual Members and authenticated with User Name and Password. If your company is not a Member Organisation of the IFRF, please contact us at membership@ifrf.net.

The full pdf version published today, contains all sections of the report including data Appendices. The html version contains all data, published in sections, except for the aforementioned Appendices. These will be added in the near future as downloadable, protected, xls format, worksheets, in a manner similar to that used by the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook.

Some results from this report were featured in the book of “High Temperature Air Combustion: From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction”.  You can avail this book through our bookstore by clicking here.