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In December 2005,  a new Business Plan for the future of the IFRF was adopted by the IFRF’s Board, the Joint Committee. This was the plan proposed jointly by the University of Pisa and ENEL Ricerca.

It involves the move of the IFRF offices from Velsen/IJmuiden in the Netherlands to Livorno/Pisa in Tuscany, Italy where the IFRF will have access to an extensive range of semi-industrial scale combustion test facilities. This move is scheduled for the third quarter of 2006.

The new Business Plan includes a budget for a core Members Research Programme to be executed at the Livorno facilities.  Five topics are proposed as the basis of the new Research Programme:

MRP1 –  Development of a solid (coal and secondary)  fuel data base
MRP2 –  Hydrogen Production and Utilisation
MRP3 –  Validation of combustion modelling for practical combustion systems (coal /gas)
MRP4 –  Micro-pollutants formation and fate in combustion
MRP5 –  Micro-particulate sources and fate

A short description of the plans for all five topics has been emailed to IFRF Main Contact Persons who have been invited to contact the IFRF before May 19th with their priorities for the new Research Programme.

Individual IFRF Members wishing to learn more about the plans for the new Research Programme are invited to contact their own Main Contact Person. If you are not sure who this is, please go to: http://www.ifrf.net/network/index.html

There you will find a list of the nine IFRF National Committees and the Associate Members Group. Choose your National Committee, or if your Company/Institute is not a member of any of the National Committees, choose the Associate Members Group. Click on your choice and review the list of Member Organisations and the registered Main Contact Person (MCP).

For full details of the Main Contact Person or of other Individual Members registered with the IFRF, you should logon at the IFRF Members Expertise Exchange: http://www.exchange.ifrf.net/index.html. There you should click on Browse Membership Lists and choose your National Committee.

Individual Members who have forgotten their user name/password may request a reminder via membership@ifrf.net.