• IFRF Members Research Online – 2006

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We commence the 2006 IFRF Members Research publication programme, not only with a new report (See associated article) but also with a renovated IFRF Members Research Project web site at: http://www.research.ifrf.net.

This site has, we believe, a more user friendly system of displaying directly on the home page, a list recently published reports, from which IFRF Members can directly download PDF versions of these reports, to read on-line, to archive as soft files on their work station, or to print out for their IFRF reports library.

The other significant change is to present the site in the now standard IFRF template, similar to that of the MNM, the Calendar of Technical Events and so forth.

We hope that these changes increase the value of the IFRF Members Research Projects to our Members and look forward to any suggestions that you might have to improve our services.