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The consultant’s report emanating from the survey conducted recently amongst the IFRF Membership via MNM has been published and is available to Members on the IFRF website. 

Representing  the first stage in a two step process to develop a long term strategy for the IFRF, the survey was designed to elicit feedback from Members on their perceptions of the services currently offered and the relative value of the benefits associated with those services.  The study, performed by consultant Dr. Madge Lyman, also sought to gain insight into needs which are not being met. 

The report was presented to the IFRF Executive Committee last Wednesday.  The information it contains will provide a starting point for the strategy definition process itself – a two day workshop involving representatives from each of the IFRF National Committees and set down for June this year.  The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Lyman and will provide a unique and fundamentally important opportunity for the participants to set the IFRF on a course which meets the aspirations of its Members.  
IFRF Members are urged to peruse the full document or the accompanying slide presentation, both available in the Current Reports section of the IFRF website, and to contact their National Committee representative with any comments or suggestions they wish to be brought to bear on the proceedings.