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Crigen 2 vert.jpgCRIGEN is one of the newly named ENGIE Group’s research laboratories. It harbours operational expertise and test facilities dedicated to gas, new energy sources and emerging energy technologies. The centre and its 350 staff are located at Plaine Saint-Denis and Alfortville in the Paris Region.

CRIGEN’s team of experienced engineers, technicians and experts in heat processes, in multi-fluid combustion, in measurement and analysis, in numerical simulation, in process control, safety and industrial sectors  is located within a pilot scale laboratory at the Plaine-St Denis site.

Services offered by CRIGEN to the combustion community include:
• semi-industrial scale tests from 100kW to 2 MW,
• tests and measurements on industrial sites,
• laboratories dedicated to residential-tertiary sector,
• a process control laboratory and
• numerical simulation.

The value added by CRIGEN lies in innovation and the transformation of ideas and scientific knowledge into proven industrial applications or commercial products and services.

For more information click here or contact the CRIGEN IFRF Main Contact Person Mathieu Ourliac at mathieu.ourliac@engie.com

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