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Mochida.jpgIFRF is pleased to welcome into Associate Membership the Japanese Burner Research Association whose Main Contact Person, JBRA President Susumu Mochida, will be well known to many IFRF Members through his long membership of the IFRF’s Joint Committee as the representative of the Japanese Flame Research Committee, JFRC.

Susumu has summarised the JBRA’s activities below, and would be pleased to hear from similar organisations enaged in supporting academic industry orientated combustion research.

The  Japan Burner Research Association (JBRA) was established in 1964, and has 53 regular corporate members such as combustion equipment manufacturers, energy suppliers, and burner users, and two individual members. JBRA is composed of four committees: Research and Development Committee, Event Committee, Literature and Newsletter Committee, and International Interaction Committee. The main activities are as follows:

1. Supporting research of combustion technology, combustion safety, energy effective utilization technology, environmental pollution prevention technology, etc.
2. Holding of lectures and tours
3. Issue of newsletter
4. Interaction with Japanese and international agencies

Website address:  http://www.jbra.org/e/index_e.html