• IFRF Marie Curie Training Programme – 2003-2004

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      Peter Roberts

During the last weeks we have been preparing the IFRF Marie Curie Training programme for the 2003-2004 campaign – This is a EuroFlam Consortium Activity.

We are offering access to the IFRF Research Infrastructure for three candidates, pursuing PhD studies for period of training through research. The access period will commence during September/October 2003 and each will have a nominal duration of 10 Months, thus ending around Mid-Summer 2004.

This programme is funded via the European Commission Marie Curie Training Sites programme. The IFRF Infrastructure at IJmuiden in the Netherlands is a designated Marie Curie Training Site. This programme gives young researchers, pursuing doctoral studies, the opportunity to receive training within high-level groups in their specialised area of research.

The requirements for Marie Curie Training Fellows are as follows

  • Nationality
    All fellows must be nationals of an EU Member or Associated State (see above), or have resided in the EU for at least five years immediately prior to their selection by the company.
  • Mobility
    They must not undertake their fellowship in the country of their nationality or recent centre of activity. Nationals from an Associated State can only carry out their fellowship in a Member State.
  • Age
    At the time of selection the fellow must be 35 years old or less.
  • Research Experience
    The scheme is directed to postgraduate researchers pursuing doctoral studies in a subject area similar to that of the Training Site.

Full details of the EuroFlam application procedures can be found at the EuroFlam website, specifically at: http://www.euroflam.net/how-to-apply.html.

The vacancies are advertised under two general topics as follows:

1. POSTGRADUATE FELLOWS REQUIRED in the research area of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. This position provides a major opportunity in exploring and defining “What is Sustainable Energy” and “What is Sustainable Fuels Supply” …. Full details are to be found at:


2. POSTGRADUATE FELLOWS REQUIRED in the research area relating to the “HIGH TEMPERATURE AIR COMBUSTION PROCESS”. This work represents a major opportunity in developing the next generation furnaces for industry. Full details are to be found at:


If either of these opportunities are of interest to you, follow the EuroFlam application procedures and send your applications or direct your enquiries to Dr. Stanley Santos at stanley.santos@ifrf.net. We shall review applications on 1st August 2003.

If you wish to know more about the IFRF and its activities – go to http://www.ifrf.net and browse through our websites.