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As required by the IFRF’s founding statutes, the first task of the Joint Committee was to ratify its so-called A members.  This group comprises the Chairmen of each of the nine National Committees over which is spread most of the IFRF’s worldwide membership.


AFRC – American Flame: Prof Philip Smith
BFRC – British Flame: Mr. Roger Dudill
CF – French Flame:  Mr. Willi Nastoll
CI – Italian Flame:  Mr Giovanni Cinti
DVV – German Flame: Dr. Frank Sowa
FFRC – Finnish Flame: Mr Erkki Valimaki
JFRC – Japanese Flame: Mr. Susumu Mochida
NVV – Netherlands Flame: Mr Jochem Groot
SFRC – Swedish Flame: Dr. Truls Liliedahl

The A member group is completed by IFRF General Secretary Gennaro De Michele who represents Membership Organisations which do not have a referring National Committee and are thus affiliated to the Associated Members’ Group.

Membership of this group remains unchanged from last year with the exception of Prof. Phil Smith who replaces IFRF Vice President Dr. Dick Waibel as the AFRC representative.  Dr Waibel will assume the position of IFRF President from January 2008.


The statutes also call for up to five B members of the Joint Committee “co-opted on the basis of competence recognised by the scientific community in the various areas of flame research, as an expression of the interdisciplinary nature of the Foundation.”

At the Joint Committee, three B members were elected as follows: Prof Klaus Hein of the University of Stuttgart was nominated to focus primarily on the Academic portfolio, taking charge of relationships with universities, courses etc.  Tsuneaki Nakamura of Tokyo Gas was asked to focus on Gaseous Fuel Combustion and New Fuels, and Christian Mueller on Mathematical Modelling and Solid Fuel Combustion.


In line with the start of a new 2 year administrative cycle for the IFRF beginning in January 2008, it was also necessary to elect new Office holders for the Committee.

IFRF President:  Current IFRF President Mikko Hupa, who stands down by rotation in December 2007, will hand the President’s baton to Dr. Dick Waibel who will be IFRF President for the period January 2008 to December 2009.

IFRF Vice President:  Whilst it has been proposed, in terms of the IFRF policy of Global Balance, that a European candidate should fill this role, nominations are still being accepted from the National Committees and the decision remains to be made via a voting process which will be completed in time for an announcement in January 2008.

Superintendent of Research: Current SoR Professor Hartmut Spliethoff of the Technical University of Munich who was to stand down at the end of the 2004/2006 triennial, was re-elected for the 2008/2009 cycle given his limited opportunities to fulfil his role as Superintendent during the period when the IFRF Research Station was inactive.

Deputy Superintendent of Research:  This role was filled by Dr Neil Fricker until he resigned in 2005 following his designation as Interim Executive Director of the IFRF. He was renominated to team up once again with Professor Spliethoff in developing the strategy for the Members Research Programme for 2010/11.  His election will also help ensure continuity between the IFRF former Netherlands operation and its new Italian operation.