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On December the 22nd 2006, the physical assets of the IFRF still remaining at the Velsen Noord office of the IFRF were packed and sent to the new IFRF offices in Livorno in Italy. The office in Velsen Noord, which came to be known as the IFRF Communications Centre, has now been handed back to the site landlord. All future communications with the IFRF should be made to the new team and new offices at Livorno. Details of how to contact IFRF in Italy have been posted on the IFRF web pages at http://www.ifrf.net/staff/  and instructions on how to reach the Livorno Office will be found at  http://www.ifrf.net/contact_info.html

As a brief reminder, the new team at Livorno comprises IFRF Director Leo Tognotti, IFRF Administrator Tracey Biller, and IFRF Investigator Giovanni Coraggio.

The new Livorno team: Leo Tognotti, Tracey Biller and Giovanni Coraggio.

Email addresses for all three can be found on http://www.ifrf.net/staff/ . Further additions to the technical team will be made in coming months and recorded in the MNM.

Telephone and Postal contact details for IFRF Livorno are:

Telephone:  +39 0586 891678
Fax:             +39 0586 200045

Visitors, Post and Courier
Via Salvatore Orlando 5,
57123 Livorno

On behalf of the former Velsen team, I wish the new Livorno team every success as the IFRF faces an exciting and busy future.