• IFRF launches European Test Facilities database

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      Neil Fricker

IFRF has opened its online European Test Facilities database to the public. This fully searchable resource lists and describes the combustion and biofuels test rigs of some 50 European industrial and research organizations and is being developed in the context of the BRISK project in which IFRF has partner status.  A search facility enables potential rig users to identify a match between specific test needs and the test facilities available. Users may also browse the database to view the test facilities of the participants by organisation and contact the rig owners.

Creation of the database was begun by IFRF in 2007 when a core group of combustion laboratories committed themselves to sharing and publishing information on their combustion test rig facilities and expertise for mutual benefit.  The original group, coordinated by IFRF was known as the European Flame Research Initiative (EFRI). 

Through IFRF’s involvement in the EU funded BRISK project, the database has been significantly enlarged in recent months to include information regarding the test rigs of the BRISK partner organizations – who are involved in investigating all the stages for thermochemical conversion of raw biomass to useable biofuels.

All the facilities listed in the European Facilities database are available for use by third parties.  For Europe based users of the BRISK facilities specifically, financial support is available through the European Commission’s FP7 ‘Capacities’ programme.  What this means in practice is that for a European based organization which meets the EC Capacities programme eligibility criteria, and applies to use a rig, funds will be available to cover for the costs of running the selected rig.  A contribution will also be made to the cost of travel and subsistence for visiting researchers.  Potential BRISK users do not have to be partners in the BRISK Project, and may apply to go to any of the project partners located outside of their home country to utilise their biofuels test facilities. 

The funding described will be available for the life of the BRISK project.  More information is available at the BRISK website.

Beyond BRISK, the European Facilities database will continue to be developed and enlarged.  IFRF is committed to promoting co-operation and connection within the global combustion and energy community.  As such, IFRF’s long term objective is to expand the resource beyond its European origins and to create an integrated network of combustion facilities worldwide. 

Rig owners who wish to discuss participation should contact Neil Fricker.