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At the 153rd Meeting of the IFRF Joint Committee, there were changes made to the membership of this Committee – the Board of Directors of the IFRF.  Two weeks ago we reported that Gennaro De MICHELE succeeded Marie-José FOURNIGUET as General Secretary of the IFRF.

A further change was that of the American Flame – AFRC -representative who was formerly Dr Richard Waibel.  Dick was elected IFRF Vice President at the 152nd Meeting.  This left the AFRC representative vacant. At the 153rd Meeting Dr Charles Benson – AFRC Treasurer  – was proposed and elected to this position.

Thus the present make-up of the IFRF Joint Committee is:

Senior Officers
President – Prof Mikko HUPA
General Secretary – Dr Gennaro De MICHELE
Vice President  – Dr Richard WAIBEL
Superintendent of Research – Prof Hartmut SPLIETHOFF

National Committee Representatives
AFRC – American Flame  – Dr Charles BENSON
BFRC – British Flame – Mr Roger DUDILL
CF – French Flame – Mr Willi NASTOLL
CI – Italian Flame – Mr Giovanni CINTI
DVV – German Flame – Dr Frank SOWA
FFRC – Finnish Flame – Mr Erkki VALIMAKI
JFRC – Japanese Flame – Mr Susumu MOCHIDA
NVV – Netherlands Flame  – Mr Jochem GROOT
SFRC – Swedish Flame – Dr Truls LILIEDAHL

Technical and Scientific Advisors
Education and Training – Prof Klaus HEIN
Advisor – RS – Mr Herbert SCHUSTER
Advisor – Development – Mr Tsuneaki NAKAMURA