• IFRF/Italian Combustion Institute – Joint Technical Meeting

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In accord with the proposed new way of working for the IFRF Joint Committee, last week’s Joint Committee meeting in Pisa was associated with a technical meeting. The Italian Branch of The Combustion Institute has an annual technical meeting, organised this year in Pisa to coincide with the IFRF Joint Committee Meeting.  A special half-day joint session was arranged at which speakers from the IFRF and the Combustion Institute reviewed together their history (often shared) and plans for the future. It is believed that this meeting will provide a springboard for the next 50 years of cooperation between these two International combustion authorities. Opening the meeting were Gennaro de Michele, new IFRF General Secretary (on the right of the picture in the front row), and Emilio Vitale, Dean of Engineering  at Pisa University, who will manage the University’s input into the  new relationship between the University and the IFRF. Also seen in the second row are former IFRF Investigator Ambrogio Milani and ENEL IFRF Main Contact Person Sauro Pasini. Adel Sarofim of the University of Utah was the Italian Combustion Institutes key-note speaker on this occasion. Adel has had a long association with both the Combustion Institute and the IFRF, and it was most appropriate to have Adel present at this inaugural event.