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      Peter Roberts

During the last year we have been developing the IFRF Membership structure to lay a greater emphasis on industrial sectors. We introduced the concept at the Linkebeek TOTeM Cluster in November 2002, with a presentation which described the philosophy as applied to the Power Generation Industry*.

One of the conclusions from Linkebeek TOTeM21 – Combustion Trends in the Cement and Mineral Processing Industries –  was that the IFRF should host an Industrial Workshop to “revisit” the series of CemFlam Consortium Research Programmes.

This Workshop was held at the IFRF Communications Centre on 24th September, chaired by Prof. Barrie Jenkins.  We had a good representative participation for the cement and lime production industries and from associated service industries. From the very active discussions a number of conclusions were reached upon the technical information requirements for the industries and future actions, and the development of an appropriate publication section within the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook.  Thus the meeting was considered to be a success.

Today we are happy to note that the development of this last requirement commences today, with the publication of a Handbook Combustion File describing shaft kilns for lime manufacture.  This file is an open domain publication and should be seen a precursor to Members Domain publication of files detailing presenting technical information from the CemFlam programme.

This follows on from the extensive list of recently published Combustion Files on by-product fuel gases generated in Iron and Steel production which are providing a solid foundation to IFRF developments in that industrial sector – see associated article on the Stockholm TOTeM.

* For details, download the pdf version of Linkebeek TOTeM22,  Presentation 5, from the “Combustion Trends for the Future” website:  (http://www.trends.ifrf.net/trends/chapter.html?cid=49); “PowerFlam – The Developing Concept of Research and Handbook Knowledge Bases for IFRF Member Organisations in the Power Generation and Associate Service Industries”. N.B. This information is available to only to registered Individual Members of the IFRF.