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This week, we add to the IFRF Handbook two new Combustion Files dealing with the methods of calculating the calorific value, the air requirements and the flue gas composition of solid fuels.  These files are:

CF225: How do I calculate the Calorific Value of solid fuels? – Members’ Domain
CF226: How do I calculate the air required and flue gas composition for combustion of solid fuels? – Members’ Domain

Both files have been prepared by Franz Winter and Georg Schmidinger of the Technical University of Vienna. The files were refereed by Peter Roberts, Director IFRF NET who is acting as the handbook Sub-editor for the topic of fuels and comburents.

To read or download these and other recently published files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on the same them may be found by using the links built into CF 225 or 226, or searching the Handbook with the Keywords such as ‘calorific’ or ‘fuels’.