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      Peter Roberts

This week we have added new Combustion Files to commence two major technical fields.

The first concerns “Comburents” a word that has been a subject of some discussion recently. In the Handbook Glossary, the word Comburent is defined as “The agent, which supports the combustion of a fuel or combustible, usually air or oxygen. Although this term is not found in English dictionaries, it has been adopted (probably adapted from the French comburant) by the IFRF and is used throughout this handbook. There is no convenient English equivalent”.

Today we have published:

This combustion file is refereed by Jacques Dugué, former Investigator at the IFRF Research Station, presently on the staff of Air Liquide.  It is the intention to continue this series with a number of Combustion Files on the subject of the use of oxygen in industrial combustion.

The second field we commence today is concerned with liquid industrial fuels both with respect to fossil fuels and bio-fuels.

Cardiff University, Wales, have sponsored two introductory Combustion Files on the subject of petroleum and industrial fuels derived from Petroleum commencing with two files with authored by Phil Bowen.  These are:

These are augmented by the first of a planned series on black liquor, sponsored by Åbo Akademi University, Finland. This file has been jointly authored by Christian Mueller and his co-worker Mikael Forssén and refereed by Mikko Hupa as follows:

To read or download these and other recently published files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen.

Alternatively you may use the “Search Combustion Files” utility on the left hand sidebar.  On the search page you can enter “liquid fuels” and search on “keyword”/”all of these words”.  This will select the three “liquid fuel files listed above plus the “mother file”: