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This week, the IFRF Handbook continues the development of its  content with a new combustion file on Fluidised Bed Agglomeration. Thanks to former EuroFlam investigator Jenö Kovács of the University of Oulu for preparing this file.

Please note that this combustion file, CF50, is a general introduction to fluidised bed agglomeration, and has been placed in the open domain to accompany and support this week’s IFRF Jounal Publication entitled:

“Bed Material Consumption in Biomass Fired Fluidised Bed Boilers Due to Risk of Bed Agglomeration – Coating Formation and Possibilities for Regeneration” 

Elisabet Brus, Marcus Öhman, Anders Nordin,
Bengt-Johan Skrifvars and Rainer Backman

Further detail on the Journal publication please see related article in today’s MNM.

We plan to publish further combustion files on related topics in the coming weeks.

To read or download this and other recently published files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on related themes may be found by using the links built into CF50 and  or by searching the Handbook with the double keywords ‘Bed’ or  ‘Fluidised’.