• IFRF Handbook takes another step forward with its first downloadable Excel Calculators for Surface Emissivity

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This week, the IFRF Handbook takes another step forward in the development of new on-line services for members with the publication of a cluster of six combustion files relating to the surface emissivity of materials as a function of temperature. In addition to setting out the general relationships between temperature and surface emissivity (CF146), data on correlation coefficients between emissivity and temperature are presented for a wide range of materials commonly encountered in combustion systems (CF147, CF148, CF149, CF223, CF224). These data, published by permission of the UK’s Institute of Energy,  were developed by the combustion team at the University of Leeds, headed by Alan Williams and Ed Hampartsoumian. The correlations are contained in downloadable MS Excel spreadsheets, and as in the past, may be pasted directly into your own spreadsheets for further manipulation. On this occasion, however, the spreadsheets also contain two columns that allow you to input your own temperature values, and the see the corresponding emissivity value calculated in the spreadsheet. I am grateful for the support of Bob Tucker of Zerontec for refereeing this cluster and the development of these spreadsheets from the original tables of data.

The Combustion Files published this week may be inspected and downloaded at www.handbook.ifrf.net selecting ‘New Combustion Files’ after agreeing to the usual disclaimer.

In detail, the six new Combustion Files are:

The general relationships between emissivity and temperature are available as an open domain document for all to view. The correlation coefficients are available only to IFRF Individual Members (you will need your IFRF password to read these and download the spreadsheets). To enquire about IFRF Membership, please contact Maria Buur at maria.buur@ifrf.net.