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      Neil Fricker

We end the 2002 Handbook Publication season with a cluster of four Combustion Files on the general topic of sampling techniques for fine particulates and trace metals.

Once again, we are indebted to University of Glamorgan’s Patrick Lavery who authored the Files, and Technical University of Denmark’s Flemming Frandsen who acted as referee and sub- editor.

In this cluster, the articles are interlinked and are designed to give the reader a fairly detailed description of a sampling method for Trace Metals and Particulates from stacks. They are a follow on from an earlier Combustion File CF58: What are trace metal emissions?

The four Files published today are:

CF206 What equipment is needed for a sampling train for trace metals and particulates in flue gases? – Members’ Domain
CF207 How is a sampling train prepared for sampling trace metals and particulates in flue gases? – Members’ Domain
CF208 How is a sampling train used to sample trace metals and particulates in flue gases? – Members’ Domain
CF209 What is the method of sample recovery from a trace metals and particulates sampling train? – Members’ Domain

Patrick and Flemming plan to compete their cluster with Combustion Files on the selection of traverse points for sampling air pollutants early in the New Year.

To view the Combustion Files published today, either click directly on the file of interest above (they are all linked) or go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select the New Combustion Files option on the left hand menu after agreeing the disclaimer. In either case, you will need to authenticate yourself as an IFRF Individual Member, using your User Name and Password, to read/download these files.

Further Combustion Files on this topic can be listed by selecting Search Combustion Files and searching on the keyword ‘metals‘. These include a number that are in the public domain.