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This week, the IFRF Handbook continues the development of its  portfolio of preprogrammed spreadsheet calculators with a new combustion file that calculates calorific values for solid fuels. Thanks to  EuroFlammer Gabriel Lopez who has worked with IFRF’s Peter Roberts to produce this calculator.

CF228 is based on two earlier combustion files on this topic, CF21 from Gerry Hesselmann of Mitsui Babcock, and CF225 from Franz Winter and Georg Scmidinger of the University of Vienna. At the same time, CF225 has been temporarily removed from the Handbook for updating.

To read or download this and other recently published files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on related themes may be found by using the links built into CF228 and/or by searching the Handbook with the  keywords like ‘calorific’