• IFRF Handbook – Authoring Combustion Files Gets Even Easier

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      Neil Fricker

IFRF NET has  simplified the authoring process for Combustion Files published in the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook. So if you have ever thought about getting your name in electronic print, it has never been easier. The benefits in authoring combustion files are numerous, among them  – being credited with a refereed publication, having your name reach the combustion community, being able to present established work rather than research, having a logo and link to a chosen sponsor’s website (typically the author’s employer), and potentially creating business interest in the author.

A streamlined template and more concise instructions for authoring have recently been published. This will ensure the author and referee focus on the technical content and quality of the Combustion File, while IFRF NET takes on board more of the routine side of preparing the finished templates. Potential authors wishing to know more about the Handbook should go for more information to:

MNM readers who feel they could add to the knowledge base of the Handbook are invited to send proposals for Combustion Files to handbook@ifrf.net . Combustion Files can deal with any topic concerning combustion – from energy sources through to process issues to emissions and markets.

The Handbook currently contains a searchable database of over 200 Combustion Files, the equivalent of a 700 page text book of facts, data and ‘how-to’s related to combustion.