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Meetings of the IFRF Executive and Joint Committees in Pisa last week, a RELCOM General Assembly today, and TOTeM 39-Oxy-coal Combustion – to be hosted by IFRF and Enel on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 June, have kept IFRF staffers at Livorno frantically busy over the last while.  News from all of these events will be featured in future issues of MNM

Highlights include the election of Professor Hartmut Spliethoff to the position of IFRF President for the 2014 to 2016 cycle, changes in the composition of the Joint Commitee B Membership group, a facelift for the IFRF website – to be launched in early July, and much more.

In the meeting of the IFRF Joint Committee, the policy surrounding the new IFRF Membership Scheme was firmly bedded down and is ready to be actively promoted at both National Committee level and centrally from Livorno.  The proceedings from TOTeMs 38 and 39 will also be made available as soon as possible.

Watch this space for details!