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An EFRI meeting on the Operation of High Pressure Combustion Test Rigs will be organised in Cardiff, UK on April 21st 2010, the day preceding the TOTeM 34 meeting on the topic of Gas Turbine Combustion.

The IFRF Executive and Joint Committees will meet on June 17 and 18 next year on the premises of Member organisation Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd. in Renfrew Scotland.  An EFRI Rig Owners’ meeting and a site visit to Doosan Babcock’s combustion test rigs have been arranged on June 16 and 17 respectively.  Also on June 16, IFRF will hold a CFD Validation Workshop based around the experience  with the FOSPER oxy-data published as an IFRF report last month.

Initial information on most of these events, including dates and topics has been posted in the Events Calendar.  Agendas and additional detail will be published as more information becomes available.  Watch MNM for more.