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      Neil Fricker


This month, exchange visits have taken place between the IFRF in Livorno and the Organisations preparing Business Plans to host the IFRF starting in 2016. The aspirant new hosts will each make presentations of their plans for the IFRF to a special meeting of the IFRF’s Joint Committee to be held in Paris in December. A decision about relocation will be taken at that time.

A profile of GWI, one of the three aspirant organisations, is included in this email below

IFRF will maintain a full programme of research and networking activities throughout the relocation process with new and old IFRFs operating in parallel during part of 2016. Networking events currently under development by ‘old IFRF’ are:

· FTIR owners and users ‘Round Table’ Workshop to be held in Pisa during week beginning February 22nd 2016

· TOTeM 43 – safety and control to be held in April/May at Sheffield University in the UK