• IFRF Common Interest Group – Gas Turbine Combustion

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      Peter Roberts

Following from the ad hoc meeting held at Akersloot, the Netherlands on June 11th, the IFRF is happy to announce that an IFRF “Common Interest Group” on the subject of Gas Turbine Combustion has been formed under the Chairmanship of Chris Wilson [British Flame – QuinetiQ]. The minutes of that meeting are available to those IFRF Individual Members interested.

If you would like to receive a copy by email attachment, please contact Stanley Santos <stanley.santos@ifrf.net>.

This Common Interest Group will meet again during TOTeM22 in Linkebeek (Belgium) – please recall our announcement in the Week 30 MNM:
12th November 2002 – TOTeM21 – Combustion Trends in the Cement and Mineral Processing Industry.

On the evening of 12th November there will be a Joint TOTeM buffet dinner.

13th November 2002 – TOTeM22 – Combustion Trends in the Power Generation Industry.

Thus if you are interested to join in the work of this Common Interest Group, note these dates in your agenda/diary.