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      Giovanni Coraggio

This week the information about the TOTeM 29 have been updated and more downloadable material is now available in the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events. Besides the Finnish Flame National Meeting has been inserted. Here is a list of all the updates:

Events Updated

26th-28th Sep, 2006
Karlstad, Sweden
From Extraction of Forest Fuels to Recycling of Wood Ash
RecAsh 2nd International Seminar

The information have been updated and the second announcement has been inserted

12th-13th Oct, 2006
Munich, Germany
Characterisation of Biofuels for Co-Combustion
TOTeM 29

The information have been updated, the flyer and the registration form are now available for download

New Events

Tue, 31 Oct, 2006
Lahti, Finland
Finnish Flame National Meeting