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      Giovanni Coraggio

This week a Short Course on INDUSTRIAL FURNACE TECHNOLOGY has been added to the IFRF Calendar Of Technical Events

The Course which will be delivered by the IFRF Members Prof. John Ward and Dr. Robert Tucker. It will be held at Hotel Estoril Eden, Estoril-Lisbon, Portugal, on the 28th and 29th of June.
You can find further information at this address: http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=193

Besides these other Events have been added and updated:

New Events added:

Thu, 08 Jun, 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Launching Conference of the European Technology Platform for Biofuels

Updated Events:

6th-7th Sep, 2006
Lahti, Finland
Clean Power 2006
Combustion Solutions for Waste, Local Energy and Industrial By-Products.
The information have been updated and the conference program has been added.