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Coraggio.jpgThe last month the IFRF team was able to complete the in-flame measurements campaign in CIUDEN (Ponferrada, Spain) for the RELCOM project. Within these experimental tests IFRF collected data about temperature and chemical species composition of the gases inside the combustion chamber of the CIUDEN 20MW rig. Also the heat fluxes at the wall of the furnace were measured at several points.

The campaign was tough but we managed to perform the most important measurements planned. The data were taken for different burner settings and the results will provide a fundamental contribution to the evaluation of the performance of a new concept of oxy-coal burner.

It is worth mentioning that despite some technical difficulties at times, the cooperation with the RELCOM partners during this last campaign was exemplary. The friendly and cooperative environment between us, CIUDEN, Doosan Power Systems and University of South Wales teams was one of the most important reasons for the success of the tests.

The IFRF research team is actually finalising the elaboration of the data that will be available soon to the partners of the project. After that we will prepare several combustion files to be added to the IFRF the Handbook. The RELCOM project will end this month (November 2015).

IFRF participated on the 22nd of October to the 3rd Oncord meeting in Münich where the partners discussed the progress of the project. The OnCord project focuses mainly on measurements of corrosion phenomena in biomass combustion rigs.

The outcome of the meeting was positive; the project is going to plan despite the tecnical delays. In-future MNM issues, we will be giving updates on ONCORD progress and the availability of IFRF Research Reports that flow from it. The ONCORD Project will run until End of June 2017.

IFRF Research Team - Ciuden (1).jpg

IFRF Research Team
From the left: Hans Gerrlings and Willem Broenink (visiting investigators from the University of Twente, NL),
Giovanni Coraggio (IFRF assistant director), MarcoFaleni (IFRF senior technician)

IFRF Research Team - Ciuden (2).jpg

IFRF research team with Palaniappan Valliappan (South Wales University) and Ruth Diego Garcia (CIUDEN)