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Hans and Willem v3.jpgThis week IFRF says goodbye to Hans Geerligs and Willem Broenink. Hans and Willem are two visiting investigators from the University of Twente (NL). They joined IFRF in September and these last 3 months they cooperated with us in the research activity in the Relcom project.

They actively participated to the experimental campaign of in-flame measurements that took place in CIUDEN at the end of September. They also provided a fundamental contribution to the elaboration and comparison of the results, to the study and improvements of radiometers calibration procedures. We wish them success in the continuation of their academic and work carrier.

November is the last month of the Relcom (Reliable combustion) project. The general assembly took place in Ponferrada (Spain) from the 17th to the 19th of November. Together with the EU officers this was an opportunity for all the partners to review all the activities carried out within this project.

In the last four years IFRF performed the characterization of three kind of coals both in oxy combustion and conventional condition. We participated to three main combustion campaigns: one in the 3 MWth FOSPER rig in Livorno and two in the 20MWth CIUDEN pc boiler in Ponferrada.

IFRF carried out some sub-model developments and collection for oxy –combustion and finally we participated to the comparison and discussion of the results. This project gave us the opportunity to improve our in-flame measurements and coal characterization techniques and to develop further the models of coal conversion in oxy atmosphere. Some of these results are already available for members at this link. The most recent works will be published for IFRF members during 2016.

The participation of IFRF in the project was not only about technical research but we were also in charge of dissemination. IFRF developed the Relcom website and the public Fuel, Combustion And Gasification Characterisation Database. We organized several workshops on oxy-combustion topics, newsletters and so on and so forth.

The IFRF team wants to thank all the Relcom partners for the fantastic and unique cooperation in these last four years. We look forward to future projects together.

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