• IFRF Administration Meetings – Fall 2004 – SFRC Hosts

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      Peter Roberts

We are presently in the process of preparing for the next meeting of the IFRF Board of Directors  – the Joint Committee. To see “who is who” within the Joint Committee, go to:


There you will find links to:

New faces in the National Committees are:

  • Peter Mullinger – Australian Committee
  • Alain Quinqueneau – French Committee
  • Giovanni Cinti – Italian Committee
  • Erkki Välimäki – Finnish Committee

We should note that the Australian Flame Research Committee were accepted for representation within the Joint Committee at the last meeting in Nordwijkerhout on 11th May 2004.  Peter Mullinger is a welcome addition to the team.

The Senior Officers Group form the Monitoring Council which act as the executive for the Joint Commitee.  This group meets this coming Friday at the IFRF Communication Centre here at Velsen-Noord, to prepare for the next Joint Committee meeting.

The next meeting will be held in Sweden, on 18th – 19th November, specifically at  Racksta near Stockholm where Vattenfall have kindly organised meeting facilities.  This meeting is the 150th Meeting of the Joint Committee