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The IFRF’s Aerodynamically Air Staged Burner has been the workhorse of IFRF testing and low NOx burner development for several decades. Rated at about 2.5MW, and incorporating a moving block variable swirl generator, the burner transferred from IJmuiden to Italy back in 2006 for use on the ENEL FoSper furnace, a replica of the famous IJmuiden No 1 furnace. Since then it has featured regularly in test work on the FoSper furnace. It was completely rebuilt just a few years ago. The burner can run on gaseous, liquid and solid fuels including both coal and biomasses or their blends.

With the transfer of IFRF from Livorno to Sheffield, the burner rating is too high for use by IFRF’s new host. Expressions of interest are invited to take over ownership of this classic research test burner.

A stainless steel miniature version of a moving block swirl generator  is also available. It would be rated at about 100kW if it was to be coupled to a burner nozzle.

Expressions of interetst in one or both to neil.fricker@ifrf.net

 AASB front small.jpg

AASB burner front view

AASB scheme small.jpg

AASB burner scheme