• IFRF 2018 Conference – ‘Clean, efficient and safe industrial combustion’

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IFRF Conference 2018, the 19th conference organised by the International Flame Research Foundation since its foundation in 1948, will take place in its 70th anniversary year.  It will be held at the excellent venue of Sheffield Town Hall, close to the headquarters of IFRF, and a world-renowned centre for steelmaking and high-temperature industries reliant on combustion and related processes.

The theme – ‘Clean, efficient and safe industrial combustion’ – echoes the objective of IFRF and has direct relevance across a wide range of industrial sectors including power generation, iron/steel/aluminium production, petrochemicals refining, glassmaking, ceramics production, district heating & cooling, cement production, and lime and minerals processing.  As such, the content of the conference will be of interest to delegates from around the World.

The Conference Programme will be structured around IFRF’s key areas of interest, namely:

  • Flame aerodynamics
  • Flame chemistry
  • Heat transfer
  • Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels (standard/non-standard, impact on efficiency and emissions)
  • Waste incineration
  • Environmental concerns
  • Flares
  • Safety

IFRF will be issuing a call for abstracts later this month. Sign up to our registering list here to be alerted when the call is published plus other event news. Tweet us your thoughts using #IFRF2018 and we look forward to seeing you in Sheffield next year.