• Highlights of the new quarter – a message from the IFRF Director

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This will be a busy quarter for IFRF staff and Members with some interesting projects on the drawing board.  These include the completion of the Triannual Report on Research Planning which will shortly be published on the IFRF website, and, by year end, the production of some new technical reports.  Work will continue on the network of European Combustion Facilities which emerged from the June Members’ conference and Hawaii will host both a TOTeM and the AFRC/JFRC International Symposium in October. 

In the midst of all of this external focus, we will also be starting work on our long-awaited website update and revamp aimed at renewing the image of the IFRF and improving the availability of research and other information to Members.  An exciting element of this project will enable users to browse our on-line electronic index of more than 5000 archived research documents.  Another web-based initiative is the on-line forum which will be created for participants in the network of European Combustion Facilities.

These and other subjects will make up the bulk of the Monday Night Mail for the next while. As always, readers are welcome to contact us with requests and comments.   Click here to mail.